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  • AFCO Master Disconnect Switch, 2-Post

    Remote battery disconnect switch for safety requirements. A battery kill switch is required for use with alternators by the NHRA. Battery shut off switch can be remote mounted or where specified for saftey and convenience. 125 amp intermittent load...

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  • KRC Racing Amp Power Block

    KRC Racing Amp Power Block

    Convenient battery charging and power, mount on rear deck or directly on firewall for timing light. Made from high impact resistant Lexan solid copper contacts. Barrel contacts readily accept all standard wire.

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  • MSD 6427 Ignition Control, 6CT

    Superior design makes it the most advanced ignition to ever hit a circle track. Packed with legendary MSD Ignition power, the 6CT offers a slew of features. A large digital LED display makes it easier than ever to see the rev limiter setting when...

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  • MSD 8222 Blaster 2 Coil - Black

    In applications such as off-road, marine or other harsh conditions, the MSD Blaster High Vibration Coil is the best choice. The sturdy metal housing of the High Vibration Coil is completely pot­ted with a premium grade epoxy to completely encase the...

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  • MSD 8250 Power-Core HVC Ignition Coil

    The MSD HVC coil is designed exclusively for the HVC Professional Racing Ignition Control (#547-6600). The E-Core design of the HVC Coil is more efficient in producing more output with less loss. Specs Turns ratio: 100:1 Primary resistance:...

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  • Speedway 12 Volt Remote Starter Solenoid

    The first thing that dies on your starter is the solenoid. This heavy duty relay eliminates that problem. Notes "S" terminal connects to 12V switched on the ignition start position. "I" terminal is only used with ballast resistors; This terminal runs...

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  • Wehrs Machine Instant Timing Knob

    This instant timing knob is truly revolutionary! The knob allows you to change your timing without having to loosen and re-tighten the distributor hold-down clamp. It is great for quick pit stop tuning. Plus, your crew chief will be able to avoid those...

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